Installation Options

Professionally Installed

By Folding Sliding Doors Canada Ltd

Arrange for your installation to be fitted by a specialist folding sliding door installer. Our fitting teams have had experience in fitting 1000’s of folding sliding doors and are equipped to professionally complete the installation to the quality and high standards that you would expect first time.

This option is best teamed with the site survey option as we are not responsible for door measurements supplied by the client.

  • Leave it to a specialist. Your current builder may not be familiar or comfortable in fitting your new doors.


Self Installed

The Folding Sliding Door Company understand that some people gain great satisfaction in accomplishing a task like this by themselves or maybe you have your own installation team as part of your home build project?

With ‘Do it yourself’ and ‘Self build’ being so popular over the last few years, we have made this option a relatively simple solution.

If you are considering this option, all of our door sets can be easily installed by following our step by step instructions. If you get stuck, just give us a call and one of our technical assistants will be more than willing to advise.