The FD27 uPVC model brings high quality contemporary appearance with narrow stiles and rails of the same width at 2 ¾”, giving an elegant modern look, and matches most poplar vinyl window packages.

  • 70mm thick for greater thermal and strength performance.
  • Standard finish provides low maintenance, excellent durability and resistance to fading and chipping.
  • Exterior wrapped surfaces use Skai® cool colors technology, meaning most of the sun’s near-infrared radiation does not penetrate the window profile but is reflected by the surface. The heat input into the profile is significantly lower, the surface heats up less and your door remains dimensionally stable.
  • Stock colours available are black, bone white, AWW brown, desert sand, black ext./white Int., black ext./black int.
  • Custom matched colours are not available in this model.
  • Up to 5 panels or 15′.
  • Exclusive FSD handle hardware in black, stainless, bronze and white.
  • Meets Canadian Building code in all areas with appropriate make-up of insulated glass units.



  • Profile Width: 2 ¾”  (70mm)
  • Profile Thickness: 2 ¾” (70mm)
  • Panel Height Range: 30″(762mm) – 96”(2439mm) (Taller heights available with engineer’s approval)
  • Panel Width Range: 20″(500mm) – 34 ¼”(870mm) (Wider panels available with engineer’s approval.)
  • Glass Units: Cardinal IG double glazed or triple glazed with argon fill.
  • Vinyl Thickness: 2.75mm

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