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SECURITY FOr your Folding Sliding DOOR & Window Systems

Security is one of our main concerns when it comes to bi-folding doors, for this reason, we have taken great steps to ensure your home or business stays safe!

Our folding sliding doors pass grade 40 of the building codes forced entry resistance test. This means that you can feel secure against potential intruders or threats.  Keep your family safe and your business protected when you choose a folding sliding door or window system. 


We keep your home and business safe and secure with these tried and tested security measures.

Encapsulated Running Gear

Encapsulated running gear within the track, preventing it from being attacked.

Concealed Locking

Concealed 3 point multi-locking system to prevent break-ins.

Solid Steel
Shoot Bolts

Top and bottom solid steel shoot bolts insert directly into the top and bottom track.

Internally Glazed Panels

Internally glazed panels on all systems to increase the strength of your unit and prevent breakage.

High Security Hinges

High security hinges to prevent the pins from being removed and the hinge being forced from the door.

When choosing your windows and doors, it’s important to have all of the options! Reach out to us now to learn more! 

Questions About How to Measure or Install?