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ToOLs & Resources

A list of resources awaits to help you get your project off the ground!

Planning for your new project just got easier with this comprehensive list of materials to answer any of your questions. Installation methods, glass ratings, and information about energy efficiency can be found below. More detailed information is available from your representative whenever you need it. 


Self-installed or professionally-installed the choice is yours with Folding Sliding Doors Canada. Whatever you choose we are here to help!


All glass models come from Cardinal Glass Industries, which is a cutting edge supplier of high performance isolated L0E glass in North America.


FSDC offers windows and doors with a list of industry leading features. From custom finishes, to high performance glass our doors stack up!


Warranty is important to the longevity of any project. We have warranty ranging from 5-20 years on all of our window and door solutions.


Keeping homes and businesses secure is always on our mind. Learn more about how our doors keep you safe and secure in your space today!


50 unique ways to fold and slide your way to more space, convenience and indoor/outdoor living are possible with our doors and windows.

Technical Drawings

Visual drawings outline key details of our window and door products to help you plan your project with ease & confidence.

Technical Manuals

The FSDC technical manuals will answer any questions you have about our products. Start your journey here if you have questions.

Finishes & Coatings

The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing finishes and coatings for your folding sliding doors and windows.

Energy Performance

Extreme conditions are no match for Folding Sliding Doors and Windows. Learn more about energy performance here!

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