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Why You Should Avoid Buying a Bargain Sliding Bi Fold Door From Online Retailers

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If you’re tempted to purchase a cheap sliding bi-fold door from an online retailer like Amazon, Wayfair, or Alibaba, we urge you to think twice. Buying doors and windows at a discount from overseas can leave your construction project in shambles. From ill-fitting specifications to poor quality, there is a lot that can go wrong. Recently, our company has received numerous calls from customers who purchased a sliding door online. They’ve purchased these products at a seemingly affordable price, only to encounter several problems. Under usual circumstances, we are happy to help with all door and window challenges. However, many of the problems we have encountered are unable to be fixed without going back to the drawing board. To help you get a better understanding of why you should make sure your folding sliding doors aren’t coming from overseas, we wrote this post.

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Common Issues When Purchasing a Cheap Bi-Fold Sliding Door Online

  1. Thermal Testing Discrepancies

One of the biggest issues with buying a sliding door online, especially from a different country, is that their rating for thermal insulation will likely be different than in Canada. We see lots of customers importing their doors from China and then experiencing problems with insulation. This is due to the fact that doors from China do not undergo the same rigorous testing that those in Canada must go through. While you may think that your imported doors are of equal quality and insulation, they are often not. This can lead to increased heating and cooling costs even in a new home. 

  1. Incorrect Sizing

Another common issue that we’ve been called to help with as of late is incorrect sizing. Oftentimes, when ordering a door from overseas, the sizing specifications of the door will be wrong. This can happen due to various factors, such as miscommunication or differences in measurement standards. Rectifying this issue can be particularly challenging without returning the product, as adjustments may require significant alterations that are best done at the manufacturing stage. From gaps in the seals to frames that are too large/small none of these are problems that you want to deal with when your door finally arrives. Ensure that you can get your project to the lock-up stage with a properly fitted door.

  1. Shipping 

If you’re not ready to cancel your order just yet, perhaps the cost of shipping will sway you to buy your doors locally. The expenses associated with shipping doors from overseas often negate any initial savings from purchasing them at a lower price. Not to mention, your door could very well arrive damaged. Whether it is scuffs or broken hardware, having your door delivered broken will undoubtedly put a wrench in your construction plans. As such, it is better to source your doors locally to minimize the risk of damage during transit. 

Why Else Should You Avoid Cheap Overseas Bi-Fold Doors and Windows?

  1. Warranty 

When you buy critical building materials like doors from online retailers, issues typically arise when it comes to using the warranty. Overseas suppliers may have different warranty terms and processes that make it difficult to resolve issues or get your money back. Also, there is the challenge of operating in different time zones, which can contribute to cumbersome and time-consuming claims processes. Moreover, differing legal systems, shipping complexities, and communication barriers can also hinder your ability to use the warranty in place for your order. Further to this, if you need to send the product back, you can incur expensive return shipping costs. 

For those who choose to buy their doors from third-party retailers like Amazon, it may also be challenging to locate who you should submit your warranty claim or where to find details about your warranty. Overall, the process involved with making warranty claims for third-party and overseas products makes buying locally much more appealing. 

  1. Overall Quality & Customer Service

Beyond the above-listed points, there is also a general discrepancy in quality between Western products and those made overseas. For example, faulty hardware, poor finishings, bad workmanship, less quality assurance, and minimal testing. All of these factors contribute to an end product that is more likely to break down quickly. 

Furthermore, if you have any issues with the product, you likely won’t be able to call a tech to take a look at the issue promptly. Instead, you’ll need to hire someone in your area. And they might not know all of the details and specifications of the product you purchased. This can be frustrating and ultimately put a damper on your construction timeline. 

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